Botjer Acupuncture


What to expect at your first treatment:

Please download the forms below, fill them out and bring them with you to your first treatment.
Completing the forms before your visit will give you time to provide your thorough health history.   This is essential to creating a program that will most benefit your healing and wellness; Acupuncture applies a holistic approach to healing, instead of just treating your symptoms.

Please arrive a few minutes early for your appointment.  Together we will review your intake forms, and discuss your chief complaint.  At this point, you will be palpated to find the areas of disharmony.  Your pulse will be taken and the tongue examined.  These are three important diagnostic tools used when having acupuncture.

A plan will be developed, and your treatment will begin.  Most patients say they do not feel the needles at all.  Once inserted, you may become very relaxed; some patients even fall asleep.   Moxa, (Mugwort) a healing herb may be burned, or the use of some essential oils may be used during the treatment.  Then you will be left resting with the needles.

The healing effects of your treatment may be felt immediately or during the next day or so.  Acupuncture has a cumulative affect, so with a few consistent treatments, you will feel the most relief.   Advice on after-treatment care may be given.  You may also have questions that will be thoroughly reviewed with you.


Your journey to healing and improved health has now begun!