Botjer Acupuncture

"Heather is a truly compassionate and talented acupuncturist.  I first came to her with a stubborn case of Plantar fasciitis.  After a year of conventional treatments that failed to help, I sought her services.  Within a few treatments I was almost pain free!  upon further acupuncture treatments, I no longer had any heel pain."

Carol age 55



"Working at a shoe store can be tough with the constant up and down off the floor while measuring peoples feet.  I was diagnosed with a minor case of spina bifida and I was experiencing extreme back pain and hip pain at my new job. I also have some gastritis, making it difficult to take most pain medications like ibuprofen.  I came to Heather to help reduce the pain and acupuncture worked better than I ever could have hoped for!"

Delilah age 21



"I believe that some people having a healing hand.  Heather is one of these people.  After trying treatments with two other acupuncturist, I came to Heather from a recommendation of a friend, she has been able to relieve me of chronic arthitis pain in my knees and has helped me put off knee replacement for a few years"

Karen age 58

"The office has a calm and welcoming atmosphere. My back and ankle pain were greatly relieved. Then with continued treatments, it also improved the appearance of my neck, which made me feel better about myself. I would highly recommend Heather Botjer."

Elizabeth age 68

"I was coming for acupuncture for my chronic hip pain.  During one of my visits I happen to mention that I have always had this strange ear popping in my right ear.  Heather added something different to my usual treatment and to my surprise my ear wasn't popping!  I had lived with this discomfort for so long, I had no idea acupuncture could help it!"

Henrietta age 51